WACO, Texas (FOX 44)- During Tuesday evening’s council meeting, Chief Sheryl Victorian focused on prevention, intervention, apprehension and crime reduction. To do so she hopes to add more officers to the police department.

On Monday, Waco Police Department welcomed 13 new police recruits to the field at the 80th swearing in ceremony.

“With that 12. We’re still down 20 with attrition and the 12 that we have been allotted,” says Waco police chief Sheryl Victorian.

City manager Bradley Ford is in favor of hiring more officers for the City of Waco.

“The council, the manager, and the chief are definitely aligned to to bring that down and make sure that we have everybody we need on the field, both from, from a police department standpoint but also from the community stem point,” says Waco city manager Bradley Ford.

After the tragic mass shooting in Uvalde, board member Alicia Rodríguez asked chief Victorian what is the Waco police department and Waco ISD Police Department doing in response to active shooter responses.

“Having an in-service training class refresher for our police officers because we can’t train enough, in a response of active shooter. But yes, ma’am, we will be offering the program again. And we’ll happily partner with Waco ISD and anybody else who’s interested in coming to partner with us,” says Chief Victorian.

Chief Victorian sees this as a way to build a trust with the community.

“Do this through events such as our upcoming community opportunity and implementing other programs to support at risk youth,” Chief Victorian.

This Saturday, June 11th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Waco Multi-Purpose center, the Waco Police Department’s Neighborhood Engagement Team, local ISD Police Departments and many Community Organizations are working hard to provide resources to kids in our community.

The police department is aiming to provide young adults with life skills, job opportunities, mentoring programs, mental and physical health information, general educational development, higher education scholarship, and grant information.