WACO, Texas (FOX 44/KWKT) — 900 Franklin Avenue is now home to the Magnolia Headquarters – where the Waco Tribune Herald used to be.

Leaders in the Waco community gathered Thursday morning to celebrate the grand opening of the Magnolia Headquarters. It was under construction since last year.

Speakers like President of the Waco Chamber of Commerce Matt Meadors – and of course, Chip and Joanna Gaines – took turns thanking everyone involved with the journey of building this new site.

“We want to tell the story that brings people hope and joy and optimism and excitement about the future,” said Magnolia Owner Chip Gaines.

Mayor Dillon Meek shared the economic impact the building will have on the City of Waco.

“It’s incredibly meaningful that Magnolia’s Headquarters is in downtown Waco. Number one – it brings a lot of jobs into our community. People with disposable income who can really activate our downtown,” said Mayor Meek.

He continues, “So retail, and restaurants, and small business in Waco, [are] going to benefit by having the large number of employers that work here in this community.”

The building boasts 110,000 square feet with space for over 230 employees, an all hands meeting area that accommodates 200, a Magnolia Press Coffee Bar, 20 conference areas, nursing rooms, and open work space environments.

“We just feel like the work that’s happening right now in the City of Waco is going to impact generations to come,” said Magnolia Owner Joanna Gaines.

She continues, “And we’re excited to be here now in the Heart of Waco, Texas, to lock arms and partner with you all, to get there quicker. We’re settling in. It just feels right. It feels like we’re finally home.”

The expansion of Magnolia is driving the economic impact of Waco and its local businesses.