WEST, TEXAS (FOX 44) – The Harker Heights Fire Department traveled to West this week with a shadowbox to honor one of their fallen co-workers, Cole Simmons.

Speaking with Cole Simmon’s mom, Christa, the main feeling she has seeing her son’s display is pride.

“Nobody disliked Cole. He was such a sweet boy,” said Christa.

Simmons always knew her son Cole was meant to help others.

“He was such a people person. I don’t know why I knew, but of course, his short three months he was there he touched so many people,” said Simmons.

In August 2021 Cole worked as a firefighter/EMT for the Harker Heights Fire Department.

Three months later he passed away in a car crash

“He just had so much more life to live and share with everybody, but I’m glad I’m able to have his things and have his memory,” said Simmons. “I’m just grateful for the 23 years I did have with him.”

This Spring Christa asked Cole’s colleague, Damon Sprouse to build a shadowbox honoring his legacy.

“He just always had an eagerness on his face about ‘I’m here. Teach me. I want to learn and teach me,’ so that meant a lot,” said Sprouse.

With assistance, Sprouse and his friend, former firefighter Chris Shultz, made it happen.

Having never met Cole, Shultz says projects like this makes him feel connected to him.

“I know of the job and I know the people, and this is kind of giving back to the people who do the job to this day,” said Shultz.

For Christa the delivery was special receiving it on her birthday, October 16.

“Great birthday gift from Cole. He always was so sweet about celebrating my birthday and making me feel special so it was perfect,” said Simmons. “Now I get to see it every day to have his things.”

Two scholarships have been created in honor of Cole Simmons to support West ISD graduates going into the first responder field.

In less than one year, over 40 thousand dollars have been raised.