WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – To beat that Texas heat, many are spending time in the cool water at lakes, pools, or water parks.

But, that’s not so simple for some. So, Hawaiian Falls gave everyone the chance to get in the water, regardless of their challenges.

Monday was Champions Day at Hawaiian Falls, so people with special needs got in early and for free all day long. That way, they could avoid the crowds and music.

“I’m most excited for the wade pool in lazy river,” attendee Shannon Copley said.

Dalton Berkheimer’s favorite part is the slides.

“I just think it’s such a blessing for them to do this for us,” Shannon’s mom Lynnette Copley said. “And then I get to come and watch her. They’re neglected so much. You know, people don’t realize they have the same needs and wants as everybody else. And when a business or whatever does something for them, then it gives us an opportunity for them to be special.”

Berkheimer’s favorite things to do are wrestling and swimming, with the people he loves.

“I’m glad that my family is here, glad that my brothers are here,” Berkheimer said. “I’m glad that I like wrestling and glad that my mom’s here.”

Dalton’s mom, Michele Helcl, is glad he’s there too.

“As long as Dalton is getting to have fun that’s all that matters,” Helcl said

Not only does this day bring fun in the sun for the champions, but it also means a lot to the caregivers to see their loved ones with smiles on their faces.

“Being a caregiver is hard, and it’s got its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world,” Helcl said. “I love my son more than anything, and I just want to see him happy.”

Helcl says it’s great to have opportunities like this to get out into the public and do activities.

“He’s like, momma, are they doing Champions Day?” Helcl said. “Because, you know, they only do it twice a year. And I said yes, we’re going.”

Hawaiian Falls managing director Ryan Forson says it’s something they love to do each year and something they look forward to.

“Seeing the smile on their face and getting to do things they may not normally be able to do because of general concerns of other people or crowds.”

Champions Day is twice a year every year, and this is the last one for summer 2022. It will be back next summer.