MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas (Fox 44) — This Friday and Saturday, you might be getting a knock on your door from the Waco McLennan County Public Health District.

The public health district will be going door to door around the county to figure out health needs in the community.

The health district says with growing health threats today, it’s important for public health officials to know the health concerns of the community.

The survey teams will be going to neighborhoods selected at random across McLennan County asking about things like health concerns and gaps in services.

“We need to cast a wide net to identify that,” Senior Epidemiologist Vaidehi Shah said. “So some of the questions are going to be, what are the strengths of your neighborhood? What are the challenges? What services can be improved? What do they think are the health needs in the community? We also have questions about communications.”

Shah says community assessment for public health emergency response or “CASPER”, will help the health district better understand the top health needs in the community.

“When we get data from this, we will be using that to identify what health needs need to be prioritized, and then we can plan and act upon those unmet needs,” Shah said.

The health district serves the entire community, and it says its important to include different people.

“To directly know from them what their health needs are is one of the best ways,” Shah said. “To be out there, to talk to our community and get information directly from them.”

Assessment administrators will be wearing bright colored public health t-shirts with their City of Waco badge. Participants will get a free gift.

Every persons’ opinion matters, so if they come to your door, please answer so they can better serve the community.

“We don’t want to just hear from community leaders. We definitely want to hear from them. But it’s not just the community leaders. We actually want to talk to the community directly to hear what their needs are so we can better.”

If the team doesn’t make it to your door, you can fill out an online survey that will be open in a few weeks.