WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – As the U.S Army celebrates its 247th birthday one young woman is raising awareness about a program, that helps the children of soldiers who paid the ultimate price.

For most of Bailey Donahue’s life, the military is all she’s known.

“Essentially military culture has been a huge part of my family. So we have just moved around all throughout my childhood. And that’s the army has kind of just been what I’ve known since I’ve grown up,” says Bailey Donahue, daughter of fallen soldier U.S Army Michael Donahue.

Bailey’s father served in the army for almost two decades. He was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2014.

“He was just very driven with his service. He always likes to be a leader, and he definitely believed in discipline,” says Donahue.

Since her father passed away Bailey graduated high school and started college.

“Which was a little bit of a hard transition, being a little bit close to when I from when I lost my dad,” says Donahue.

All with the help from Children of Fallen Patriots. An organization that provides college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. With their help, Bailey navigated through that difficult time.

“The scholarship from fallen patriots honestly meant the world to me. A true reality for a lot of people who are going to college, who’ve lost a parent. I mean, especially within the military,” says Donahue.

Bailey graduated debt free with her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2020. She now works for the organization to ensure more children of America’s heroes receive the same support she did.

“There are programs and foundations that are out there that are built to honor their their loved one. And just to be it, get involved with the military community,” says Donahue.