WACO, Texas (FOX 44/KWKT) — The McLennan County Republican and Democratic parties say there are ready to tackle the bigger issues but they need a House Speaker to do so.

Until a speaker is appointed in the house, congress holds back on any and all legislative decisions.

The conflict at hand? A small minority of republican congress members are going against the lead candidate.

Chairman of the McLennan County Democratic Party Mark Hays shares why the conflict needs to come to an end.

“The way I see it now, if they insist on Jordan, they’re just going to keep voting over and over again. We won’t have a speaker. We won’t vote for any aid for Israel. We won’t vote for any aid for Ukraine. We just won’t get any work done for the American people. It’s just a disaster,” says Hays.

He also proposes to put forward a republican representative who is well respected and can gain both democratic and republican votes.

As of now, the Republican Party of McLennan County entrusts Texas U.S. Representative Pete Sessions to vote with the states best interest.

“I’ve spoken with Pete about this a few days ago, and he said it is just a very intense situation up there. I reminded him that, you know, we elected him and we have confidence in him and he’s got the full support of the local republican party to go ahead and move forward. He’s trying to find, us a speaker,” says McLennan County Republican Party Vice Chairman Christopher DeCluitt.

One stance both the Democratic and Republican parties of McLennan county agree on…

“Somehow they’ve got to reach a consensus. I’m just harping on this. We have to be able to commence the business of the United States. As of right now we’re not,” says DeCluitt.

“Until we get a group of people who are willing to work together to find compromise, to find the things they can agree on and get some work done for the American people, nothing’s going to happen,” says Hays.