Lorena, TX (FOX 44) –

During Lorena High school’s football practice, the temperature outside hit 107 degrees.

“It’s a struggle that gets really hot out here in Texas. But man, we have got to stay hydrated. The coaches are always giving us good breaks, and making sure we stay hydrated,” says Lorena high school football players Brett Boiles and Cayden Arp.

This has become the new reality for outdoor practices in Central Texas.

Parents at Lorena high school are even stepping in, like one father who is among many others who come to bring drinks and fresh fruit to practices.

“We’re out here, providing watermelon for the kids. We have water set up for them, fans, even misters. So we’re trying to do everything we can as parents,” says Kevin taylor.

Coach Josh Woodall with Bryan ISD says it’s a priority to carefully monitor the weather and incorporate lots of water breaks.

“I always tell them, the water that you’re drinking here is barely replenishing what you’re losing, but it’s not preparing you for the next four days, for the next practice, for the next game,” says Woodall.

You might’ve heard tricks like drinking pickle juice or eating bananas to prevent heat exhaustion and cramps–but Coach Woodall urges some old fashioned reminders.

“The most important things are to hydrate well with water and some type of sports drink to replenish electrolytes that are lost. And then make sure we’re eating a balanced diet,” says Woodall.

He says, even if you aren’t hungry, make sure you eat before working out in the heat.

“If you come to practice on an empty stomach, it’s going to be a problem for you because your tanks just empty,” Woodall adds.