MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas (Fox 44) — The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference Monday to inform the community about a huge drug bust.

Sheriff Parnell McNamara says to his knowledge, this is the largest methamphetamine bust in McLennan County.

The multiple law enforcement agencies involved say they found 38.5 pounds of crystal meth.

“Any time you can get this amount of drugs and dope off the street, it’s safer out there because we know how meth makes people react, it makes them crazy,” McNamara said.

They also found almost two pounds of marijuana, over $17,000 in cash and multiple guns.

“Through the very dedicated work in part of these very dedicated narcotics agencies working 24/7 around the clock, they have put together a tremendous drug bust,” McNamara said.

McNamara says three people are facing charges: Abel Chavez, Allen Roberts and Marvin Keith.

Roberts and Keith are accused of engaging in organized criminal activity. Chavez is charged with manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance.

If these drugs were still on the streets, Sheriff McNamara expects there would have been other crimes resulting from it because he says almost all crimes are connected to drugs in some way.

“You can only imagine how many robberies and how many sexual assaults, burglaries, maybe even murders are involved in all that dope,” McNamara said.

Sheriff McNarma says he is proud of all the agencies that worked together to make this happen. They also want to thank the public for supporting them.

“We could not do the job in law enforcement here in McLennan County, the city of Waco that we do without the support of our good citizens,” McNamara said. “Unfortunately, that’s not the way it is everywhere else.”

McNamara says the Sheriff’s office will come after anyone who commits crimes in McLennan County with vengeance.