WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Central Texas is continuing to see temperatures in the triple digits and no rain in sight.

Water is a vital resource to living organisms, including plants and flowers. So what does the drought mean for them?

Debbie Boyd at the Greenlife Nursery says some plants are drought tolerant, and they don’t have a problem with the weather.

“The thicker the leaf on succulents and the cacti, the less watering you have to do,” Boyd said.

Other plants need special attention.

Boyd says during the drought, they have to pay more attention to their watering, not doing it as quickly to make sure they are deep watering and getting the root ball wet.

Boyd says the key to keeping your plants healthy and alive during a drought is proper hand watering.

“Sometimes the root ball is so dry, the water will just splash off the ball if you just do it quickly,” Boyd said. “So you need to turn down your water hose and make sure you get it soaked. Sometimes you need to let the water drain and come back and do it again.”

They also put up shade cloths to reduce the amount of direct sunlight. In flower beds, mulch helps keep in moisture and keeps the soil from drying out.

“This shade cloth here is going to lower the temperature by several degrees,” Boyd said. “Anything you can do to get relief is great.”

To make sure your plant is moist enough, you can pull it out of the pot, test its weight, buy plant probes, or use your finger or a dowel rod.

She has seen a decrease in plant sales, both because people don’t understand how to best keep their plants alive during the drought, but also because it’s hard for people to get out in the heat to hand water.

“We made the rounds to some garden centers out of town this weekend, and definitely the nurseries are full and people are not planting as much,” Boyd said.