KILLEEN, TX (FOX 44) — Killeen ISD and the City of Killeen conducted a joint meeting tonight at 5 p.m. They only meet two times a year — and this is the first one of 2023. It wasn’t just sidewalk talk at the joint meeting, it started the conversation about how the city could better help Killeen ISD, and vice-versa, in 2023.

With a new 300-home development underway in Killeen, some are expecting a new KISD school to be built in the area. These are the types of things that were debated during tonight’s meeting.

Mayor Debbie Nash-King spoke about the differences between the business that the city handles versus that of the KISD Board of Trustees– and how the two entities can work together.

“Some people don’t understand that we are two separate entities, and we have different responsibilities. He knows about taking care of the students, he’s in the business of kids. We’re in the business of municipalities, so we have a bigger and broader responsibility,” Nash-King said.

She added how the ideas discussed in tonight’s meeting must align with the city’s comprehensive plan of connectivity.