Waco (FOX 44/KWKT) — The recent rains and conservation efforts have helped Lake Waco reach 100% capacity. That means the city has lifted the mandatory water restrictions put in earlier this year.

The lake’s level went from 54% of capacity a week ago to 100% on Sunday. That’s a difference of 100–thousand acre-feet of water storage.

Waco staff are monitoring lake levels and will provide updates as water levels change. Staff members are also working on proactive plans in case water levels dip again.

The city is exploring whether changes need to be made to the Drought Contingency Plan that was adopted in 2019. Among the goals are improving strategies to curb excess water usage throughout the year.

The team is also drawing up an Integrated Water Resource Plan to provide water for Waco for the next 100 years. Both of those plans are expected to be released in early 2024