WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – While it was great to see some rainfall in the Waco area on Monday, we didn’t see enough to change the lake levels.

“Yesterday’s [Monday] rain. It did replace just under three days of loss, so it added about 243 million gallons into Lake Waco,” says Monica Sedelmeier, Director Communications and Marketing with the city of Waco.

The Waco area saw nearly an inch of rain yesterday. As of Tuesday afternoon, Lake Waco is 65 percent full.

“We still need about 15 inches in our watershed to even consider any additional changes or changes to our current water restrictions,” says Sedelmeier.

Earlier this summer, Waco City Manager Bradley Ford voiced his concerns about the lake levels.

The City of Waco quickly put the city in a stage 2 drought contingency plan. Looking at the weather pattern, Waco is expected to move to stage 3 in a couple of months.

“We are looking at a potential change to stage three, late October or early November. If if the water patterns and weather patterns remain,” says Sedelmeier.

So what do we need to see to get out of the water shortage?

“And when we look at our water conservation plan, the water shortage will end once it’s about 455 feet. So at 72% capacity,” says Sedelmeier.

Until then, the City of Waco is asking all residents to follow the drought contingency plan.

“People who are not following the restrictions. As of last week, we had received about 120 citizen requests since this all began. And as of august 1st, we have issued seven citations,” says Sedelmeier.

Lake Waco’s (our regional water source) water levels (our regional water source) continue to decline warranting the move into Stage 2 of our drought contingency plan to protect our water source. Under this stage in the plan, violations can reach up to $2,000.

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