CENTRAL TEXAS (FOX 44/KWKT) — Election offices Bell County are offering 42 different polling sites.

7 of the 42 are for early voters ready to make their voices heard on propositions concerning funding, taxes, and changes to the judicial branch.

According to Bell County Elections Administrator Dr. Desi Roberts, these are the amendments on the minds of many.

“People are very interested in the property tax or the retirement age of judges and also schools. You know, schools are very hot right now, matters pertaining to that. So folks would come out looking for those on the ballot.”

Although they are prepared for and are encouraging voter turn-out, Dr. Roberts says it has been historically low over the past few years.

Leaders with the Bell County Election Offices say they are making every effort to solidify voters confidence in the electoral system. Aiming to administer accurate, secure, and transparent elections

“We are working diligently to solve any type of issues may have arise. And we are again trying to make sure that folks are rejuvenated and motivated to come back out and vote,” shares Dr. Roberts.

In McLennan County, Elections Administrator Jared Goldsmith says they’ve seen a few hundred for day one of early voting.

“Typically, the first day of early voting is one of the largest turnout dates and then the last two days of early voting. So next week that would be Thursday and Friday.”

Although these elections don’t’ grab as much attention as a presidential race, Goldsmith says your vote still matters.

“All the information that you need for this upcoming election can be found on our website. We have polling sites, dates, times to vote. What’s on your ballot for sample ballots and you know information on how to vote,” says Goldsmith