Gholson, Tx (FOX44) – A 20-year-old man is facing arson charges after he admitted firing a roman candle at a friend in an incident which triggered a fire.

Morgan Lee Deleon was booked into the McLennan County Jail on Tuesday in the incident that occurred near Gholson in McLennan County.

An arrest affidavit stated that a deputy was sent to the 700 block of River Road about 2:25 p.m. Tuesday regarding a fire. While on the way, he spotted two Gholson fire units attempting to put out a fire in the 600 block.

When he made his way to the address from where the call came from, he met with a man – later identified as Deleon – who was quoted in the affidavit as saying he had messed up and wondered if he was going to jail.

The deputy said he saw a yellow building on fire, along with grass and a vehicle – and in fact, had to move his patrol unit because the fire was moving.

Deleon spoke further with the deputy, saying he had fired a roman candle at a friend as a joke – then saying he wanted to call his attorney before saying more.

The deputy then spoke with another man at the residence who said Deleon came to his house – and when he went out to meet him, he saw smoke coming from the driver’s side of Deleon’s vehicle.

He said he was hit by something but wasn’t injured – then said he saw more bursts coming and noticed that a fire started. He then got a fire extinguisher and tried to put the fire out.

The deputy said in the affidavit that he checked with two other neighbors who had damage to grass, trees and fences.

Deleon was taken into custody, and taken to the McLennan County Jail on charges of arson causing reckless damage to a building and reckless bodily injury. He bonded out by noon on Thursday.