Waco, Tx (FOX44) – A 69-year-old man has been brought to Waco from Georgia, and is accused of writing himself a $31,130.50 paycheck from a company he did not work for.

David L. Richmond remained in the McLennan County Jail awaiting bond to be set Friday morning after deputies traveled to Georgia to pick him up.

The investigation started when a representative of Packless Industries on Imperial Drive in Waco made a report with the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office on an apparent forgery.

The company reported a check made out to Richmond and marked “Payroll” was passed, and was deposited into his checking account at the St. Mary Navy Federal Credit Union branch on March 4. Video of the transaction was received from the credit union by investigators.

It was noted by company officials that Richmond was never an employee of Packless Industries, that they did not write the check, and had no knowledge of it.

A warrant was issued for Richmond’s arrest. He was picked up and brought back to face felony forgery charges.