MCGREGOR, Texas (FOX 44) – 14-year-olds Aysha cross and Emiliee Soloman have been the center of attention in Central Texas since they first went missing last Wednesday.

An Amber Alert was sent out yesterday after officials say they received a screenshot from one of the girls’s Snapchat stories with the message “help.”

Sheriff Parnell Mcnamara says they tracked the girls to multiple locations, and they believe multiple people were involved. At this point they are still investigating how this all happened in the first place.

Today, they are home safe after Mclennan County sheriff’s deputies found them in Georgetown.

they believe this may have started as a runaway and got into a car with someone and from there it escalated.

Deputies arrested 30 year-old James Robert Vanhouten for two counts of harboring a runaway child.

Officials are not aware of any prior relationship between the girls and the suspects involved.

“They were very glad to be rescued. they were in a bad situation. It may have started out just as two kids doing a runaway and just escalated into a very, very bad situation,” sheriff Mcnamara said.