Waco, TX (FOX 44) — The Children’s Hospital Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics warned President Biden this month about the unprecedented levels of RSV cases combined with the flu.

As we enter the holiday season, many experts are warning of a tripledemic of covid, Flu and RSV.

McLane Children’s Hospital staff say its no different from other hospitals around the nation, they are packed with children.

They say these illnesses have a season, but this year is a lot to handle.

“This has now been going on, unlike small peaks in the past, small flu seasons in the past. This has been going on for at least two months now,” said McLane Children’s Medical Center, Chief Medical Officer Dominic Lucia, M.D.

Lucia says the hospital had a high number of positive RSV cases for four to five weeks by mid November.

He says it’s worse for the flu.

“The flu has doubled here in central Texas, according to our testing each of the last three weeks,” said Lucia.

RSV has taken up about half of the hospital beds this month,

Flu patients have had to come in for hydration or respiratory support.

Medical staff are even seeing respiratory illnesses combine.

“They could have RSV and rhinovirus, or flu and rhinovirus, or RSV and flu, or RSV and paraflu and rhinovirus,” said Lucia.

These combinations lead to a longer recovery time in the hospital.

FOX 44 reached out to the McLennan County Public Health District Monday, November 21 to see if case numbers increased across the board.

Assistant public health director Stephanie Alvey says its true.

“We’re seeing a flu spike that usually happens into late December, early January. We’re already seeing numbers that equal previous flu spikes this early in the season,” said Alvey.

Public health and medical professionals anticipate more cases throughout the winter and holiday season.

Alvey recommends getting vaccinated, and to stay home if you’re sick.

“You just wouldn’t want to potentially expose grandma or any new babies, especially the young ones with this RSV,” said Alvey

Alvey also recommends common practices like covering your cough and washing your hands to prevent spreading germs.