MCLENNAN, County (FOX 44) – The Waco McLennan County Public Health District announced today that the number of COVID-19 cases have once again spiked significantly since June 25th.

As COVID cases and hospitalizations are trending upward in McLennan County, vaccinations are trending downward, the same trends seen around the U.S.

Death rates are also increasing, but not at the same rate. There have been six deaths in the month of June, and one death in the month of July.

There are 149 new cases in McLennan County as of today, a number that means more today than it did in March of 2021. It does not include at-home tests and people who don’t get tested in general.

“So now what we’re seeing is that every single case represents how many uncounted cases,” said Dr. Jackson Griggs of Ascension Providence Hospital.

According to the public health district, the actual case count is expected to be six to eight times higher than the recorded number.

“While we see 149 cases, we’re like yeah, it’s a huge number. Theoretically, we could actually be higher than our highest figure,” said Mariana little, an Epidemiologist at the Waco-Mclennan County Public Health District.

Additionally, the Bell County Public Health District changed the area’s community COVID-19 level from medium to high on Tuesday.

This raises the concern that Waco-Mclennan County’ may not be too far behind as we are starting to see the beginning of a new variant of Omicron, BA-5, wreaking havoc in Texas.