WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Adults and children alike face mental health challenges. 1 in 5 children experience mental health issues within a given year.

The Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network urges Central Texans to look for the warning signs in their children.

Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network Child and Adolescent therapist Katie Chadwell explains, “the most common we’ve seen would be the explosive anger, struggle with regulation, struggle with social skills, and then just, you know, generalized anxiety and depression.”

Many symptoms act as a trickle effect from the COVID-19 pandemic. Chadwell says it is crucial to find the right fit when it comes to a therapist, as it is not a one size fits all.

The Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network’s Klara’s Center serves children ages three to eighteen. If you are concerned about your child Chadwell suggests contacting the center, consulting with your child’s school and teachers, or speaking with your church.

Chadwell urges acceptance of mental health topics in addition to the awareness the month of May provides, “please reach out for help because nobody deserves to live a life on their own without getting the help that they need,” says Chadwell.