WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — The agriculture community gathered today at the Extraco Events Center for the MidTex Farm & Ranch Show.

This annual event has been running for over three decades growing bigger each year, with over 50 vendors in attendance coming together to support those in the Ag community.

Farmers like Mason House, who has seen the highs and lows in agriculture.

“The biggest problem that I think we face in agriculture is that we don’t get our story out enough,” says Field Representative and Farmer, Mason House.

Farmers across the nation have been battling on several fronts, from soaring inflation prices affecting gas and products like fertilizer, to droughts affecting their crops, and an overall shortage of farmers, doing their best to keep up with consumer demands. Making this event essential to those here in Central Texas.

“We really want to have this event for them just so they can see the latest and greatest in technologies. They can come out and get their education credits. I mean, just to have all those tools that they need to be able to help all of us at the end of the day,” shares Greater Waco Chamber Director of Signature Events Alivia Gomez.

Farmers at today’s event spent a lot of their time learning and most importantly, educating each other about the experiences they have faced and are growing from.

“Lots of people learn from their grandparents or their parents that farmed or ranch the ways to do things. But if you didn’t grow up doing that, you need a place to be able to come to learn from the people that have been doing it. So I think that really this event presents that, ” says Mason House.

Vendors and participants in the Extraco Events Center honed in on the message of supporting this industry that provides so much for surrounding communities. Whether it be in the fields, local grocery stores, or in your neighborhood.

“Farmers are fewer in numbers than they’ve ever been and feed more people. Each farmer feeds more people than what we have in the past, and we’re trying to balance technology with old time experience. And sometimes it’s hard to, hard to do. But we’re doing our best,” shares Moody, Texas Farmer John Perryman.