WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – The incoming class of 2026 got the chance to roam the halls of Midway High School Wednesday afternoon, days before the official first day of school.

“Really glad to be around people who know exactly what I’m going through, you know? Being a freshman isn’t easy, so they know how it feels to be a freshman,” says incoming freshman Julie Akin.

Midway High School had a full house Wednesday afternoon during its fish camp, several senior volunteers were available to answer questions the freshmen had about the campus and to give them the opportunity to meet new faces.

“I was able to look around and I’m kind of nervous because, you know, it’s so big. But I understand that like, people are going to people are going to help me,” says Akin.

“It’s really exciting because I did this my freshman year and I was I remember how nervous I was, so I, I’m excited because I get to usher in a new era,” says incoming senior Clay Craine.

High school senior Clay Craine says high school is nothing to be too nervous about he shares some words of encouragement for those who will be walking through the halls for the first time on August 18th.

“Involved because when you get involved, you get a group and once you get in that group, you stay in that group and it’s really good. I join in my freshman year and it’s been great,” says Craine.

Wednesday afternoon’s fish camp has helped incoming freshman like Julie Akin figure out what she wants to do this school year.

“I’m really excited for high school because, you know, I get to be in band and that’s like how I’m going to finish off my high school years. I mean, my entire family was in band, so it’s kind of nice to carry out a legacy,” says Akin.