MOODY, Texas (FOX 44) – After the calls which led to police activity at Waco and Whitney schools, as well as schools outside of Central Texas, the Moody Police Department is speaking out.

The department shared the following statement on its Facebook page Tuesday night:

“I want to put out in the community that there seems to be a new tiktok challenge going around the country and the state of Texas. Some of you have heard in Waco and Whitney, two schools were locked down and a large police presence was activated over a hoax call. The calls are unknown at this time but its younger adults calling into 911 and stating students, teachers and civilians are shot and they are hiding in closets. If it should occur in our community,  it will be treated as its real. A lot will be going on and most likely mass amounts of law enforcement will be active. Please be patient. We will get information out as fast as possible to parents. Warn you kids to keep an eye out for anyone thinking of doing that at our schools, its not funny.”