WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Many parents have been stressing over the baby formula shortage, wondering when their local grocer will have the brand they need.

“When they first came home from the NICU as preemies, they had to have special formula that’s not in stores. The Gentlease isn’t even in stores anymore. Half the time the store brands aren’t even available,” says Rebecca Moseley, mother of triplets.

With the baby formula shortage wiping out the shelves of many stores, many parents started Facebook groups trying to help each other out.

“A lot of trading saying, hey, I’ll give you this product if you can trade me three cans of this formula or hey, do you have any? I’ll pay for it,” says Moseley.

Rebecca Moseley has three babies. She says in one day they use 96 ounces of baby formula.

“This is a 32 ounce ready to feed its liquid formula. This covers one round of bottles, so this makes three bottles for my triplets. And we go through three of these in a day,” says Moseley.

And in one week they use a little over 600 ounces of formula.

“This is a box that has two bags of powder in it. And it’s about 1.9 lbs. and this lasts us about four days,” says Moseley.

Due to the shortage, many stores had to put a limit on how much customers can buy at one time. And Rebecca says two containers isn’t enough for triplets.

“I have friends that live out of state or different cities say hey it’s in my store do you need some,” says Moseley.

Not knowing when stores will be able to restock their shelves again is leaving this mother of three concerned.

“And so I really wanted to leave them on formula for another month or two. But with the shortage, I’m kind of seeing that I may have to move them to whole milk sooner than maybe they’re ready,” says Moseley.