Waco, TX (FOX 44) – Workers are moving boxes in the hot weather as Little Guys Moving company owner, Michael Smith, helps a customer in their busiest season.

“We were almost completely full for a two week window, and then we have availability after that,” said Smith. “We’re running three trucks right now and we run them almost every day.”

Helping more clients from May to August, Smith says they had to slightly increase rates once gas went over $4. He also attributes the increase to supply chain problems.

“All of our supplies, blankets, straps, most of the things that we use have gone up slightly and those we’ve absorbed, the only ones we really couldn’t were boxes,” said Smith.

While there is a slight cost increase in local moves, he says rates skyrocket in long distance moves.

“Colorado, Georgia, twice…just got back to Florida,” said Smith. “We’ve done a lot of traveling this summer, so we’ve had some significant cost due to the diesel.”

Lift Moving Company in Waco says they’ve frozen their rates to help customers move.

To combat loss in profits, they’ve restructured their processes to retain income.

“We go back to basics and say, ‘ok, if we can eliminate some of those credit card processing fees, we’re going to do that,'” said Rosie Strother, Co-owner of Lift Moving. “”Customer A, customer B, is it possible for you to pay with cash or check.”

Another way they’re avoiding pain at the pump is by using different vehicles instead of trucks.

“Doing things like adding trailers versus having two trucks on a job, what would it look like if we had a box truck and then put the rest of it in a trailer,” said Strother.

Smith with Little Guys Moving company shares they’re looking at vehicle alternatives to offset the cost of diesel fuel.

Lift Moving Company also highlights helping customers pack and unpack their own trucks for a lower rate.