HEWITT, Texas (Fox 44) — Nearly 100 cars made their way to Hewitt Saturday to support Hunger Free MISD.

The program serves Midway students who are food insecure. They sends backpacks full of food home with those students over weekends and holiday breaks.

“We personally have children of our own, and we would hope that our community would come together and help us if we were in need if that time comes for us, and we just want to make sure that we’re doing the best that we can to capitalize on our resources and being able to give back,” Hewitt Chamber communications coordinator Kacie Birkes said.

Last year, they raised $2,200 worth of food donations along with $5,800 in monetary donations.

One attendee says he’s been interested in cars for 29 years.

“I think the most interesting and unique part is how the people put so much time and effort into each car to make each vehicle the way they want it,” he said.

For Hilbert Lopez and Rick Gutierrez, cars are a part of their family.

“From my uncle to my dad, they did it in their younger days,” Gutierrez said. “It was something that was put in us, and it’s something we’re doing to follow their steps.

The goal for the event in the upcoming years is to get more bikes involved and make it even bigger and better.