Waco (FOX 44/KWKT) — There is a new way to get around downtown Waco. Superpedestrian started dropping off its e-scooters this weekend.

The company says its e-scooter program will serve the greater downtown area of Waco, prioritizing safety, accessibility, sustainability, and equity. Superpedestrian says some of the scooters will include seats, making them more accessible for older riders and people with disabilities.

Riders must be at least 18-years-old and not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The e-scooters will not be allowed on the Baylor University campus.

The cost to use a Superpedestrian e-scooter depends on how long it is used. There is a $1 fee to unlock the device and then it is $0.39 per minute of use.

The company says Waco community members use get local, state, and/or federal assistance can qualify for a 70% reduced trip fare through its LINK-Up program.

Three years ago, the City of Waco welcomed e-scooters from the company, Blue Duck. The San Antonio company went bankrupt in 2022.