WACO, TX (FOX 44) – 20 new teachers just completed Transformation Waco’s summer boot camp getting ready for the school year.

One of the teachers FOX 44 spoke with says the boot camp gives her reassurance to know she’s not alone in wanting to help students succeed.

“We’re all going in this together in our first year, and it’s exciting to know that I’ll get to see all of us grow,” said Khris Allen, summer boot camp participant.

Allen is an incoming kindergarten teacher at Alta Vista Elementary.

Studying a different field in school, she says her heart moved to teaching to make a positive impact on a child’s life.

“We do have a really big need for it,” said Allen. “It’s very cliche to say that the children are our future, but it’s the truth and they need guidance in order for us to see them grow and succeed in the future.”

The summer boot camp is a kickoff for Transformation Waco’s year long Novice Teacher Academy.

The new teachers learned classroom instruction fundamentals, behavior management skills, and how to build relationships with students, families, and coworkers.

“It’s important that our teachers have a community of support with each other where they can bounce off ideas of what’s working and talking about strategies and techniques that can lead to success in the classroom and drive student results,” said Josh Wulcher, Transformation Waco Public Information Officer.

For the teachers collaborating together, Allen says she’s taking away new lessons to implement in her classroom and a new community to start the school year with on a good note.

“It’s been really helpful this week. We’ve gotten a real sense of camaraderie with everyone,” said Allen. “It’s been really helpful to hear everyone’s tips and tricks that they have with their own experiences because everyone comes from different backgrounds and we’re all from different ages and from different parts of the country. We all just happen to be here in Texas servicing the kids in Waco.”

Outside of the summer boot camp, Transformation Waco and outside parties will meet monthly with the new teachers to see how they’re doing in the classroom to evaluate their performance.