WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – A little after 2 in the afternoon on Tuesday, Waco Police Department received a call from dispatch of a potential active shooter situation at Waco High School.

Waco police spokesperson Cierra Shipley says the call stated there was an active shooter on the campus, and students were possibly injured. After police cleared the building, they quickly discovered that was not true.

“They cleared the building as quickly as they couldn’t, as methodically as they could, and they quickly learned that there is no active threat. There was no active threat at the school,” says Waco police spokesperson Cierra Shipley.

Out of abundance of safety, Waco ISD put the campus under lockdown.

“We’re just very thankful that this did turn out not to be an active shooter. As reported,” says Waco ISD spokesperson Alice Jauregui.

Parents were told to meet at the base center to pick up their children, while Waco PD worked on clearing out the campus. Schools nearby were also put on a secure hold.

The BASE was quickly filled with worried parents as they were trying to reunite with their children.

“My first thought was Uvalde, the second thought was to get to the school. So that was my only two reactions and then next was what’s the move,” says concerned uncle, Djuandran Powell.

Djuandran Powell quickly arrived to the BASE when he heard the news of Waco High going under lockdown, after hearing the news the situation was a non-credible threat he was more at eased.

“I feel like the response rate was amazing because when I got out here, I got out of work and got here and it was already the amount of police and fire department and everybody was already here,” says Powell.

Waco ISD worked closely with Waco PD on this situation to ensure everyone in the campus were safe.

“You know, we take this very seriously. Any time there’s a threat to students or staff, we do train year round, whether it be students doing drills, teachers doing training,” says Jauregui.

Waco was not the only city to receive a call like this. On Tuesday afternoon, Houston, Whitney, and Pflugerville ISD received similar calls which were also confirmed to be non- credible threats.

“We’re not sure what that means regarding this incident. But right now, our biggest concern was the safety for our for the students and on and our community,” says Shipley.

This is an ongoing investigation. Calling in a false report or making a threat against a school can result in criminal charges.