Waco, TX (FOX 44) — The Northeast Riverside Neighborhood Association in East Waco held a general meeting Thursday evening to go over new developments in the area.

Two companies, OTJ architects and Nexus, are planning to build in East Waco, and are providing updates on what to expect.

OTJ is developing the Brazos Gateway.

It’ll be a multifunctional property having retail business, restaurants, office spaces, and 293 livable units.

It’ll be on the intersection of North MLK Boulevard and I-35 frontage road taking up 6 acres.

Plans for this started last year in the fall and the company’s goal is to start construction in the second quarter of 2024.

Community members raised concern in December over how this will serve those in East Waco where this is being built.

The company said at the meeting they’re looking to make 10% of the apartments be placed under affordable housing.

The company will have to do this under approval through the City of Waco at the end of April.

Northeast Riverside Neighborhood Association president Jeanette Bell says the companies are important to have at neighborhood meetings so community members can give input.

“The vested residents, property and business owners need to know what’s happening in the community because any change and transformation will affect them,” said Bell.

Community members asked OTJ questions tonight over what the pricing will be for the apartments to see if they’re affordable.

FOX44 also asked about how this could impact property taxes unable to receive information.

OTJ will host an open house on March 15 for the community to learn more about the project and ask questions.

It’ll be at the City of Waco multipurpose facility on Elm Avenue from 6 – 7 P.M.