WACO, Texas (Fox 44) — Art Center Waco has wrapped up its Oaxcan exhibit. To send it off appropriately, native Oaxcan artists came in to teach a class about an important piece of the Oaxcan culture- weaving and dying.

Alejandro and Veronica Mendoza are artisans from Oaxaca Mexico. They came to Waco Sunday to teach people how to dye wool naturally just like they have been doing their whole lives.

He says doing this gives them the opportunity to show the world what their village is doing.

“We’re able to share this with not just people from Mexico or Oaxaca, but for a broader audience, which is the United States,” Alejandro Mendoza said.

The couple is from from a weaving village where everyone in town weaves. Each family has their own techniques and colors.

They get their primary colors from natural sources such as cochineal, marigold, pomegranates and pecan shells.

Using the natural dye process takes about 3-4 days, and the Mendozas say about 35% of the village uses the natural dyes.