WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — Businesses and homeowners are experiencing the affects of the cold weather in more ways than one.

Jassen with Jassen Tha Plumber services, warns that with the recent cold spells here in Central Texas, many people and businesses have seen a flurry of broken and frozen pipes.

He’s seen splitting mainly in outside hoses and pipes on outside walls, which then leaves people unable to get water through their fixtures.

“Water freezes and it expands. Your piping only has so much space entered. It’s full of water. So once the water freezes and expands into ice, it has to split the side of the pipe,” shares Owner and Master Plumber Jassen Vargo.

Temperatures in the 20s for long periods of time is when you should closely monitor your pipes, and protect them before severe damage can happen.

“We want people to be aware that when the temperatures are getting cold, there is a possibility of freezing, and to pay attention to their stuff that’s vulnerable. If it’s on the outside wall or if it’s outside, it’s vulnerable. Try and protect it the best you can,” says Vargo.

Jassen helps business owners like Russell Clay at the Backyard Bar Stage and Grill, combat cold weather pipe damage by doing preventative things to avoid expensive repairs, like ones they’ve faced in the past.

“Doing the preventative maintenance, we get all the water out of the lines. Of course, when the ice expands or freezes, [it] expands and bust the line. So by us learning the hard way, we’re able to save time and money. And every time it’s close to freezing, we go ahead and shut the water off,” shares Clay.

Preventative measures include: insulating and covering outside pipes, protecting from the wind, allowing a slow stream or a heavy drip from inside faucets, and reaching out to plumbing services for help, which will ensure that your pipes are in good condition.