WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — Tonight the Waco Police Department opened up to the public through the Citizens Response to Active Shooter Events training.

Although officers have done this type of training before, this is the first time they are inviting civilians to take part.

“We really wanted to educate the public on what they can expect or how to prepare themselves if they ever find themselves in, like, an active attack,” Officer Janae Draper said. “We really want to give them the avoid, deny, defend aspects and what they can do to kind of better protect themselves.”

The training focused on risk factors, shooting statistics, the points of thought during a shooting, and more.

Many attendees have seen a shooting happen at a place that resonates with them and they hope this will help them learn more about what they could do in a shooter situation.

“Hoping to learn more about what I need to do if something was to happen or what I need to be watching for,” School Nurse Sheila said.

“Well I think anything you can learn and, you know, get any kind of training, you know, from people that are professionals in the business,” Church Employee Sonny told FOX 44 News. “I think you’re better off.”

Denial, deliberation, and decisive moment. Those are the three stages citizens in a time of action will face.

Waco Police say they hope the people who attended today’s training will take away the idea of avoid deny and defend and feel more confident if they ever found themselves in an active shooter situation.

“You know, how to better protect themselves, kind of pay attention, know what to you know, if you see something, say something,” Draper said. “No signs to kind of look for know you know, if you find yourself in this event or in the middle of the situation, know things that you can do to better protect you.”

Now if you missed today’s training and wanted to take part, don’t worry. The department will be hosting another training this Saturday at 10 AM.