WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Farmers and ranchers across Texas are excited about the passing of Proposition 1. House member Dewayne Burns of Johnson County and Clyburn filed legislation and the constitutional amendment impacting the right to farm in Texas to protect it.

Texas is now the third state with protections written into its constitution. With roughly 250,000 farmers and ranchers in Texas, Central Texas accounts for a large portion due to the soil, climate and they type of agriculture that can be produced.

The Amendment puts a leash on what cities, counties and even the state can do when it comes to regulating land used for farming and ranching. Texas Farm Bureau Communications Director Gary Joiner says, “I think it represents a strong sign of support for farmers and ranchers in Texas, and it really ensures the success of farmers and ranchers in a growing Texas, where agricultural land is being, in some cases, intersected with new homes, new property development.”

The Texas Farm Bureau has worked diligently to educate the voting public and help pass the right to farm in Texas.