Waco (FOX 44) – Riley Gaines is the 12-time All-American swimmer who made national headlines about her stance on transgender athletes and women in sports. Today, she made a stop in Waco as part of her “Speak Louder Campus Tour.”

She aims to encourage college students to speak-up for our fundamental right to free speech, for truth and for women. Gaines believes women have been stripped of opportunities to fairly compete in sports; denied scholarships; put in physical danger; and exposed to humiliation in locker rooms–adding that people who oppose this movement have been silenced, threatened, and physically assaulted.

Earlier this year, Gaines announced her support of ‘The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act’ which was introduced by Rep. Greg Steube, a Florida republican. The bill says that the sex of an athlete would be recognized only by their “Reproductive biology and genetics at birth,”–but Gaines says it’s a common misconception that what she’s advocating for is anti-trans.

“They’ll say, you know, this is an anti-trans piece of legislation that bans trans athletes from competing. No, I’m not advocating for anyone to be barred from competition or playing sports. Of course, everyone should play sports. But my message here is pro woman. It’s about playing where is fair and where is safe. We cannot prioritize inclusion over safety and over fairness,” says Gaines.

In August, she launched the ‘Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute’–which focuses on encouraging the next generation to fight for our fundamental rights and for fairness.