Austin (FOX 44/KWKT) — Court documents filed Monday in Austin show a settlement has been reached in the Title IX lawsuit brought by fifteen women against Baylor University. They accuse the university of failing to help them after they had been sexually assaulted.

According to the documents, the case was settled during Alternative Dispute Resolution, which was ordered by the court. The talks went from May 9th through September 15th of 2023.

These cases have been working their way through the court system since June of 2016, The allegations include a student accusing a Baylor football player of rape in 2014. She says a university physician gave her wrong information about reporting the incident, accommodations she was entitled to under Title IX, and further investigatory actions that could be taken by the university.

Baylor University sent the following statement to FOX 44 News when asked about the settlement:

We are deeply sorry for anyone connected with the Baylor community who has been harmed by sexual violence. While we can never erase the reprehensible acts of the past, we pray that this agreement will allow these 15 survivors to move forward in a supportive manner.”

Baylor University

Waco attorney Jim Dunnam of Dunnam & Dunnam told FOX 44 News that this case has had an impact nationwide. He says university campuses have made changes in an effort to make students feel safer.

The amount of the settlement has not been released at this time.