WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — Now that the holiday season is over, many soon to be brides are making their way to bridal shops and wedding planners.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, are all busy times of year for couples and those looking to celebrate weddings and anniversaries.

A rise in proposals happen during those times of year and is keeping local bridal shops like Pat’s Gowns busy.

“This begins the holiday. Not only do you have prom, but now you have the brides that just got engaged. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, they’ve been asked the question. So now they’re shopping. So this is the season,” shares Pat’s Gowns Co-Owner Ivy McCarn.

Preparations for assisting both soon to be brides and students attending prom begin as early as August of the previous year.

Working ahead allows bridal shops to keep up with current trends for dresses as the brides come in looking for their perfect dress to say yes to.

One couple grateful to be celebrating a milestone of an anniversary shared their excitement with FOX 44 News and why having the right dress for the occasion matters.

“Well, we’re excited because we’re going to celebrate our 50th anniversary, and we’re going to do as much as we can to be happy with all [of] our children and our friends and everybody,” shares customer Lorenza Loredo.

Although inflation and the current state of the economy has been a concern and matter of survival for many, that doesn’t stop brides from having their dream wedding and dress.

“Brides are going to get married. COVID proved it through the years. It has [been] proved. Whether it’s a backyard wedding back home, I call them barbecue weddings, or whether they go down to the Galveston and say I do, they are going to get married.”