WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — Halloween is here, and police are reminding people how to celebrate safely.

Sofie Martinez and Sandy Wachsmann say it’s important to talk to your kids about staying together and not running off. Also, it’s smart to have a reflector or light on your kids’ costume.

They say don’t go inside anyone’s house, and if the light is off, don’t approach it.

“Be careful,” Waco ISD PD Sergeant Wachsmann said. “If you’re out in your neighborhoods, just be aware of your surroundings and whose homes are going to.”

Martinez says check your child’s candy, and throw away anything questionable.

“Once you’re done with the trick or treating and you get home, just put all the candy on the table and look at it,” Waco PD officer Martinez said. “If anything looks suspicious or questionable, just throw it away. If it looks like something unfamiliar that you’ve never seen before, throw it away. If it’s something homemade or wrapped in saran wrap, throw it away.”

For adults without kids who are trick or treating, pay extra attention on the road tonight.

“For those of us, you know, coming home from work or maybe we have to go to the store cause we ran out of candy, drive very slow,” Martinez said. “Keep your eye out for little kids because even though we tell little kids to watch out for cars, they’re excited, they’re having fun, they want to get candy, and sometimes they don’t notice. So we got to look out for them.”

This is the first time the two departments have teamed up for the trunk or treat and they expect it to be a fun filled safe event.

“We’re not just out here to make that arrest, only to enforce the law, you know, all the time,” Sergeant Wachsmann said. “We need to build those relationships and those bonds with the kids and let them know that we’re here to protect them and serve them and to help them.”