WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Jimmy Meeks with Advanced Foundation Repair says the heat can put a toll on your home and your wallet.

“People are booked out several weeks before they can come and inspect your home and probably at least a month booked out before they can do the work. But the sooner you get to it, the better,” says Jimmy Meeks with Advanced Foundation Repair.

This summer we saw triple digit temperatures which can cause some damage to your home foundation.

“Molecules are being sucked out of the dirt so deep that the dirt will shrink out from underneath the foundation. It’ll lose its support foundation and start going down to look for support,” says Meeks.

Texas weather can be tricky, several parts of Central Texas saw a couple of inches of rain in the past two weeks. While rain does sound like good news for us, it’s not so good news for your home.

“It will start to fluctuate like a hammer on a nail. And just over time you’ll see the corners of the board around your your bricks, fascia board or freeze board, and it’ll start to push those open,” says Meeks.

Meeks shares some ways to protect your home and wallet as we continue to see this weather pattern.

“Use a soaker hose, put it on a timer, use it about 30 minutes every three days, but have the soaker hose under the ground. If you’re under water restrictions, you’re pretty much set at the mercy of mother nature,” says Meeks.

And if you’re experiencing foundation issues, always take precautions on who you have inspect your home.

“There’s no license in this industry anymore. So whoever you go with and have somebody come out and inspect your home, see if they have an office, see if they’ve been in business a while,” says Meeks.