Waco (FOX 44) — Super Bowl Sunday is days away! Local grocery stores are ramping up for one of the biggest nights of year.

Whether you are watching the game for the commercials or the football here on FOX 44, the food is the key! From grilling to frying, Waco grocery stores have you covered.

Co-Owner Joni Navarra explains that East Market and Goods has a variety of pre-marinated meats as well as a specialty fried food called lumpia.

“It’s a Filipino egg roll. We’ve got pork, chicken and vegetable fillings. Of course, different ones. And our most popular is the pork here. We always encourage people to come, explore, eat and then repeat.” – Navarra.

Waco Custom Market Place is another grocery store that specializes in meat. Store manager Kevin Bettge gives his recommendations to impress your guests.

“Go with the tomahawk. It’s something different, a little bit unique. And it’s kind of one of those items that is for a special occasion, you know, kind of a kind of something showy to show your buddies and see if you can cook up a good choice.” – Bettge

Bettge also recommends brisket, pork ribs and sausage. Another fan favorite of course is wings for Super Bowl Sunday. Waco Custom Market Place has all the seasonings you will want for the game.

FOX 44 is the only place where you can catch the big game and all of the festivities surrounding it on Sunday.