WACO, TX (FOX 44) – With increased tensions overseas between China and Taiwan, the pressure is being felt by some here in Central Texas.

A Taiwanese community member in Waco is speaking up about her feelings on constantly seeing the headlines.

Jaja Chen, co-owner of Cha Commuinity in Waco says the headlines are an additional stress on top of what she’s hearing from family overseas.

“Initially when I saw a lot more news and was reading probably too many news articles, it definitely had a lot more increased anxiety as I was hearing more about the issues.”

Chen’s parents and extended family all live in Taiwan.

She’s checked in with them and says they’re okay having each other, recognizing this conflict has been going on for decades.

“They have more of that camaraderie, connection and community,” said Chen. “Even just that sense of, we’re all in this together, and you’re going to have to navigate and figure things out together.”

If tensions escalate to an invasion, Chen says her immediate family would most likely come to the U.S.

Not being able to see them in-person since the start of COVID-19, she says she has to find balance.

“A lot of folks have to continue carrying on with their lives and also kind of think through what can I actually do about this.” said Chen. “What is within my realm of control while also balancing watching the news and also having the concerns on that end.”

Right now, Chen says it’s important to support Taiwanese community members and businesses, and adds learning more about Taiwan’s history and culture goes a long way.

“I think finding that balance between the trials, we also want to celebrate the joys and the beautiful parts of the island as well,” said Chen.