Waco, TX (FOX 44) — Transformation Waco is creating a Parent University program to help equip parents with resources to engage in their child’s education.

The program is in its planning stage right now and is taking community feedback on what parents need.

Transformation Waco in partnership with Grassroots Community Development asked nearly 160 parents in person that if there’s anything they could learn what it would be.

The responses were wide ranging, and a survey was created to take a tally.

“Subjects ranged from ESL and cosmetology to even learning about how to help their child with challenging behaviors,” said Grassroots Community Development Community Organizer Kemi Ingram.

Ingram says parents can choose from 20 subject areas in the survey to learn new skills.

The plan is for Grassroots Community Development to lead collaborative family engagement groups with Transformation Waco.

“What we can do to bring parents to their child’s school or to be more connected to their child’s school will only result in flourishing for the child, so parent engagement is a critical component in children’s learning,” said Kemi.

Parent University will be for all Transformation Waco parents.

50 responses have been gathered so far, and the survey will be open through the end of November.

Community school specialist with Transformation Waco Kendra Williams says Parent University is not only a plan to help parents, but in turn, help the community.

“Its like a driving force. It creates like an environment where we want our parents and the community to know this isn’t just our school. This isn’t just your students school, Its your school as well,” said Williams.

Once the survey closes, Grassroots Community Development will look over the findings and plan meeting times with Transformation Waco.

The program is being funded by a $2.5 million educational grant Transformation Waco received in January.

The goal for Parent University is to start in the spring semester.

For any Transformation Waco parent wanting to complete the survey, click here for the link.