WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — Businesses all over the city are preparing for the arrival of former President Trump.

Waco will see a boom in business this weekend, as crowds pour in from neighboring cities and states for various functions.

But it won’t just be the local companies profiting this weekend.

Friday morning, vendors were showing up one after another at the Waco Regional Airport, to sell Trump merchandise and food to the public.

FOX 44 News spoke with one individual from Tennessee who isn’t profiting this weekend but is giving away free religious books, as he does at all of the other 16 Trump rallies he has attended.

Trump rally participant Don Reed, shared with us why these campaign stops are an appropriate place for his message.

“Mr. Trump has a great following of great people. And so this is just an opportunity for us to give away books. The Trump Organization have told us they really appreciate us being at their rallies because we bring religion to the rallies. What a precious commodity. What a great thing, we took that as a compliment,” said Reed.

The Trump rally itself is anticipated to draw in roughly 15,000 people.

Other events in the area driving in foot traffic for locally owned hotel and restaurant Pivovar, is the Magnolia crowd, The Backyard Bar Stage and Grill celebrating 30-years in Waco, and events like a culinary competition at the Waco Convention Center.

Pivovar CEO Steven Beseda shared his excitement for the business anticipated this weekend.

“You have the rally, the celebration, good weather, Magnolia, Saturday, springtime temperatures. So it’ll be a good party,” said Beseda.

He continues, “Waco is booming. I mean, everything from Amazon on to SpaceX, to all these new businesses and they’re choosing to stay at our property. Choosing to eat here. And we’re just excited about all this new opportunities. It’s not only this weekend, but for the future as well.”

Pivovar will be fully staffed and ready for the surge of people, as this is a noteworthy time for the Waco community.