WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – In 2021, drunk drivers caused over one thousand traffic deaths in Texas, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.

That’s why TxDOT has launched its “Drive sober. No regrets.” drunk driving prevention campaign to make the roads safer.

Beginning August 18 through Labor Day, TxDOT will be working with law enforcement around the state to step up efforts to identify and arrest people who decide to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

The overall goal of the “Drive sober. No regrets.” campaign is to reduce the amount of DUI-alcohol related crashes.

“DUI crashes are 100% preventable,” TxDOT Waco District PIO Jake Smith said.

Last year, Texas saw more than 25,000 DUI-alcohol related crashes. Last year in the Waco district, there were 716 DUI-alcohol related traffic crashes, resulting in 32 fatalities and 91 serious injuries.

“On average, one person in Texas dies every seven hours and 57 minutes as a result of a drunk driving,” Smith said. “That’s the kind of dangers of drunk drivers in general. And that’s why this campaign is so important to amplify the message statewide.”

TxDOT’s “Drive sober. No regrets” statewide impaired driving prevention campaign reminds people of the dangers of drunk driving and acknowledges the consequences.

“It’s going to be a stepped up law enforcement period by law enforcement and TxDOT supports that” Smith said. “And it’s essentially just a effort to try to crack down on drunk drivers as they celebrate the end of summer.”

Consequences can be life changing such as hurting or killing yourself or someone else, facing fines of up to $17,000, losing your drivers license or going to jail.

“Find a sober ride home,” Smith said. “Whether it’s a family friend or family member, or a rideshare service, or just staying put where you are. Do not drink and drive. Drive sober. No regrets.”