WACO, Texas (FOX 44/KWKT) — Caritas of Waco and TXU Energy are joining forces to help people beat the heat this summer.

As a state known for its blistering heat during summers, Texans are in need of a safe and cool relief for the months ahead.

Partners TXU Energy and Caritas of Waco, are ensuring the community is covered, by having staff and volunteers distribute more than 200 box fans, along with large baskets of food.

Customer Advocacy Senior Manager with TXU Energy Kim Campbell, shares why this is an important initiative for every summer.

“We want to make sure that people stay safe. We never want someone to choose between food, medication, paying your electricity bill, and staying cool during the summer months. So nothing better than partnering with Caritas. Receive a basket of food and your box fan today,” says Senior Manager Campbell.

TXU Energy has helped thousands of Texans stay cool for 25 years under the Beat the Heat program.

The electricity provider donated $5,000 to provide for Waco area household needs.

Caritas managed the fan distribution as a part of its regular client services.

Executive Director of the non-profit Ann Owen is grateful to be apart of today’s distribution.

“It makes my heart happy to be able to help people and to see a smile on their face. And, and you never know what struggles people are going through. And so we’re just here to be a friendly face to help them whenever we can and give them hope,” says Owen.

TXU Energy also has a program called TXU Energy Aid, which assists people in crisis situations in paying their electricity bill.

For more information on the full services each organization offers, you can visit here for Caritas and here for TXU energy.