BELLMEAD, Texas (Fox 44) — Roller derby teams from across the country made their way to Waco this weekend for the USA roller derby national championship.

Gypsy Lucas owns Skate Waco and says this is the first year roller derby nationals hasn’t been in a large venue.

“It’s about showcasing what Waco can offer,” Lucas said. “We’re a growing small city, so being able to say, hey, we can host a high level event in Waco, Texas which means that we can maybe have the world championships here in the future, and we can do speed skating events, figure skating.”

She says roller derby is a sport you can play all over the world. What makes it unique is it is co-ed, you can play offense and defense at the same time, and it really showcases roller skating.

“It’s been super rewarding to be able to show high level roller derby and the amount of athleticism that is here,” Lucas said.

Misty Greer is the president of the USA roller sports, and this is her second time doing a skating event in Waco.

“The hospitality here is great,” Greer said. “This rink, Skate Waco, Gypsy, the Lucas family, we love the Lucas family. Waco as a city is donating things for us to help put this event on. Local hotels are giving us discounted rates for our skaters and officials. So this is one of the reasons why we like to continue coming here.”

Tanisha Bonaby, also known as “Freight Train”, has been in the sport for 11 years.

“My background is like rhythm skate and dance skating, and I’ve always grew up around skating.”

The roller derby team in Waco just started in October.

Lucas hopes that more people will become a part of the Waco roller derby team so they can compete at levels like this.