WACO, TEXAS (FOX 44) – Waco’s budget approved a nearly half a million dollar purchase of 34 new hybrid vehicles for the police department.

“Some vehicles are ready to be replaced. They’ve each reached their end of life. And so we’re going to replace those with hybrids so that we can we can get some of that better gas mileage for our officers,” says director of general services Kelly Holecek.

While the increased cost of gas is one reason to switch to hybrids, the city of Waco says this purchase is a green approach.

“We started purchasing hybrid vehicles before we started seeing these unusually high numbers at the pump. So we’ve always had really good gasoline in contracts for unleaded and diesel,” says Holecek.

The police department won’t be the only ones driving green. The city of Waco has already purchased hybrid vehicles for city personnel.

“We already have 40 hybrids in their in their fleet. So that would put 74 hybrid vehicles on the street for the police,” says Holecek.

So, what will the future of hybrid vehicles be for the city of Waco?

“We’re not saying we’re sticking with hybrids. From now on down the road, what we’re doing is we’re reevaluating the what’s available to us every single time we need to take a vehicle out of service,” says Holecek.

A year from now Waco citizens can expect to see new hybrid police cars roaming the streets.

“We also have to go to a third party and be fitted with all of the police lighting, sirens, radios, computers,” says Holecek.