WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Creative Waco needs your help to win a $90,000 grant that would bring music to East Waco.

If awarded, Creative Waco will receive a grant of $30,000 per year from 2023-2025 to host a concert series at the Bridge Street Plaza.

To vote, text “Waco” to 866-267-2023 or click here.

Waco is the only community in Texas represented, and it is running against 36 other communities in the nation.

“To enjoy local talent, original music from original musicians and performers, also enjoy performers from across our state and across our nation,” communications and marketing director Kennedy Sam said.

But what makes the artists special? Creative Waco wants each of them to have a tie to East Waco.

“The DNA of this musical series will be people who have some part of their musical history and heritage here in East Waco,” Creative Waco Executive Director said.

Not only would this be an opportunity to bring the community together for free music, but it also showcases local talent and propels that talent on a national stage.

“The current talent that is here, there are a lot of really talented musicians that are living, working, writing music here in East Waco,” Bond said.

The Bridge Street Plaza wasn’t just chosen for its newness and beauty, but also to continue the artistic and cultural legacy in East Waco.

“We’d just like to provide that stage for today’s time, so we would love to see Waco receive this grant so we can continue the rich history of Waco as music scene,” Sam said.

As the area grows and develops, Bond says it’s important to keep the cultural richness.

“To grow facilities and resources, but also to retain what is already magical, special and historically valuable about this area,” Bond said.

To vote, text “Waco” to 866-267-2023 or click here. Voting ends September 21, at 7:00 p.m.