Waco, TX (FOX 44) — Waco ISD is promoting positive police partnerships with the community through its National Night Out celebration.

It’s the 40th anniversary of this program being held across the U.S.

Music, dancing, food, and giveaways were some activities at Waco ISD’s National Night Out.

Waco ISD parent Esmeralda Sacco says she learned about the event this afternoon and decided to bring her family.

“I love it. I love how everyone is coming out here and sponsoring and making people aware of different things that are very helpful to families,” said Sacco.

Waco ISD Police Chief David Williams says National Night Out creates an opportunity for police officers to give back to the community.

In return the community is able to appreciate officers for their service.

“Know that we aren’t rigid and that we are human just like everyone else. We have feelings, and just give us that opportunity to let people see us for who we are and not for what we do,” said Chief Williams.

Chief Williams says its an exhilarating feeling for him being here today.

Williams says, in our current society, this event is needed to build trust in the community.

“A police officer making a bad choice doesn’t mean that the entire police world is that way. It’s just that one person made a bad choice, and so we want to be able to bridge that gap in the sense of community policing,” said Chief Williams. “We want to be relational police and we want to build those relationships with the community so they’ll have a better understanding of who we are.”

Waco ISD wants this National Night Out to be an experience to remember we work better together.