WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Waco ISD is preparing to break ground on the new G.W. Carver Middle school facility, almost a year after the historic school burned down.

Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon says they have been planning and designing the new facility as part of the approved $355 million dollar bond since last year.

She says the new building will provide modern day learning for the students while keeping history in a new way.

“We have representatives from the classes of 1957 through 1970, when G.W. Carver included high school students,” Kincannon said. “Those representatives have been giving us just incredible feedback.”

G.W. Carver Middle school caught fire at the end of July 2021, right before the school year started.

Even with the challenges it presented, the school district was able to adjust merging students from that campus with Indian Spring Middle school.

Kincannon says they immediately began working on the design to break ground to open the school by fall of 2023.

“I’m really excited about bringing forth the legacy of G.W. Carver, and moving forward into the future with our new students,” Kincannon said. “I think I’m most excited about the new spaces themselves and the opportunity to make this a modern campus for our students to meet the needs of today’s students.”

The ground breaking will take place Friday at 9:00 a.m. at 1601 J J Flewellen Rd, Waco, TX at the same location the former school used to sit.

Kincannon says it is a clean site and they are ready to move some dirt to celebrate this milestone.

“We are delighted we get to do this and we are looking forward to the future,” Kincannon said.